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Sometimes we just find ourselves being drawn to something, without even knowing what it is.  We might call it curiosity, or perhaps a sense that there must be more to life.  Maybe the way we've been living isn't as fulfilling as we'd like and we're unconsciously searching for another way.  And sometimes we just need support in moving to a happier place in our lives.
This is the territory in which we work - a space which might broadly be called healing, therapy or spirituality.  It is, in fact, about helping those who come to us to find ways of reconnecting with themselves at a deeper level.  The peace, clarity and freedom that we are looking for comes from that place of connection.
Enjoy browsing the site, and please feel free to contact us with questions or if you are interested in what we offer.  Upcoming events included a Sweatlodge on 28th September and the next Medicine Wheel journey starts on 21st September.  Yoga resumes on Sunday mornings from 29th September, and Freya is offering two exciting evening programmes from mid-September - Write Your Heart and Reading the Inner Map.
With much love,
Ash Moondancer & Freya Watson
Tel: Ash + 353 87 3381065   Freya + 353 86 0493084
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